Introduction to Sociology and Socio-legal studies

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Introduction to Sociology


The sociology of law is a diverse field of study that examines the interaction of law with society and overlaps with more specialized disciplines such as jurisprudence, philosophy of law, social theory, and criminology. The institutions of social construction, social norms, legal culture, and dispute processing are the main areas for inquiry in this knowledge field.


The sociology of law is sometimes viewed as a sub-discipline of sociology, but ties to the academic discipline of law are equally strong, and it is considered an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary study on the theory and empirical study of legal practices and experiences considered disciplinary study subjective focus seen as a study as a social phenomenon.

Socio-legal studies

In the country of the United States, this field is commonly known as law and social studies; in Europe, it is more often called socio-legal studies. In the beginning, legal philosophers and jurists were suspicious of the sociology of law.

Kelson attacked one of its founders, Eugene Ehrlich, who sought to clarify the differences and connections between positive law, which advocates everyday learning and application, and ‘law’ or other forms of social Criteria is adopted practiced in life, in general, prevents conflict from reaching the barrister and courts. If you want to get the best immigration lawyers in houston tx and know more about usa investment visa, you can visit abogados en houston.


Being developed through the social interaction in many different kinds of social arenas, the contemporary research in the field of sociology of law is much more controlled within the way the law is being in development outside the discrete state jurisdictions, and taking a diversity of sources of (often conflicting or competing) authority in the communal networks existing sometimes within the nation-states but increasingly also transnationally.

Around 1900 Max Weber defined his «scientific» approach to law, identifying the «legal rational form» as a type of supremacy not due to individual authority but to the authority of abstract norms. Formal legal rationality was the term used by Max for the key specifications of the type of calculable and coherent law that was a precondition for modern bureaucratic state and modern political development.

Weber saw this law as developing parallel to the development of capitalism. Another prominent sociologist, Miles Durkheim, wrote in his classic work The Division of Labor in Society that as society becomes more complex, the body of civil law is primarily concerned with restitution and compensation, which are in line with criminal laws, conforms and punitive restrictions on its cost.

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